Our ambition is to make sport open and accessible for all ages and abilities

Around the world there are millions of five-a-side football pitches surrounded by intimidating cages. This can be quite daunting to new players and only really benefits regular players and match format football.

By taking the cages away and using freeplay as a driving force, Numuga have been able to create innovative and exciting spaces to play. With clever design, we can create versatile playgrounds for multiple sports to be played at the same time.

The emergence of the Multi-Use Games Area changed playground innovation when it came out. Now, most parks, playgrounds and schools have some form of MUGA on site. The most common MUGA contains a 5-a-side football pitch with basketball nets positioned above the goals.

The majority of MUGA’s allow for a finite number of activities and are generally designed for match formats. Finding the numbers to take part in these games is tricky, often making these spaces unengaging and unused.

Numuga (New MUGA) aim to solve this problem by further innovating these spaces to make them useful and approachable. As it’s more difficult to attract the number of players for match formats, we have designed a system that allows players to participate in a huge number of different games all in the same space at the same time.

Football is the base sport on a Numuga playground. It’s also been referred to as the football skatepark. However, by introducing additional pieces of equipment we can create a space which includes tennis, table tennis, rugby, cricket, basketball and netball.

A simple ‘kick about’ isn’t engaging the younger generations anymore. With digital distractions, people are playing out less and are also less engaged with games that might have been suitable 20 years ago.

Numuga want to shift to a more freestyle type of play, where kids can learn the basics of sport without necessarily taking part in a ‘match’. Learning how to pass, control, catch and throw are key skills that can be transferred to multiple sports. We are creating spaces that are fun for beginners, but will also hone the skills of existing players.

The Numuga team is made up of sport enthusiasts who know the intricacies about honing skills in multiple sports. We hope you like our products, we truly believe that revolutionising this space is a key part in getting more people to play outside.

Play on!
The Numuga team